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Roll On Industries elite warehousing services are surpassed by none.  We offer 3PL, kitting, warehousing, direct-to-consumer shipping, direct-to-retail shipping, drop shipping, and a fully transparent warehousing tracking system.  So you know where your products are at all times.

Add these services to our transportation services, and Roll On Industries becomes your one-stop-shop for managing all of your goods and products.

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What makes us different?

Using Roll On Industries means having all of your transportation, third-party logistics and warehousing needs fulfilled in one single place.  It means having peace of mind, and time to focus on your business, rather than the logistics.  Our world-class customer service team will manage, track and ensure the logistics of your business are handled with the best expertise in our industry.

Ideally located in the Midwest, Roll On Industries was founded as a simple transportation brokerage company.  We realized that to provide the most excellent service in the industry, we needed to have our own fleet.  So, our CEO and executive team set out to organize the purchase and outfitting of our superior fleet, complete with timely, conscientious drivers.  But, even that wasn’t enough. 

The executives at Roll On Industries knew that we could now handle any load that came our way, but we wanted to make it even easier for our clients to conduct their business when using our services.  They knew that the best way to help was to launch a logistics and warehousing branch of the company.  This branch would change and grow to handle all aspects of 3rd party logistics including drop shipping and kitting. 

Now, Roll On Industries could move products anywhere in the United States.  We could store and sell products directly from our warehouse.  And, we could do it all with the highest level of transparency to our clients.  This means that we added systems to help clients track the trucks carrying their products.  We also added a fully transparent warehouse system, with which a client could find out where their products were in our warehouses in real time.

Finally, the executives at Roll On Industries were satisfied that they had created the best transportation and logistics company in the Midwest.  The last step was to fully staff our customer service, brokerage and sales departments with the absolute best people we could find.

Our clients regularly tell us that they are so grateful for the time saved when using our services.  Many of them have even claimed a large boost within their businesses because they had the time to focus on their business – not the logistics of moving and storing their products.

Roll On Industries is truly unique in our industry.  We are not the biggest company in our industry.  We are not the oldest company in our industry.  We ARE the best company in our industry.  Our careful planning in expansion and logistics means you never having to worry about your cargo. Or your shipping.  Or your storage.  Or really…anything!